Booking your own “Kitchen Friend, Satya”

Welcome to enquiring how your ‘Kitchen Friend, Satya’ can help and support you.

Since an early age I have been using in my daily life all the techniques that I can teach you in the privacy of your own kitchen or by phone. The best way to learn something new is from someone who is experienced, who knows and is willing to share…  This is your opportunity to learn heaps!

“In-my-Kitchen Workshop with Satya o r “My Kitchen Friend a Phone Call away”.

“Kitchen Workshops”

- learning from an experienced ‘cook’ who is comfortable in your kitchen
- in the comfort of your own kitchen
- share with one friend at no extra cost
- Duration two to four hours
- Cost $125 per hour billed to the nearest fifteen minutes.

“My Kitchen Friend, Satya”

- at the end of my phone one-to one solutioning

- you could even be in your kitchen while on the call!

Your Preparation for your session with your “Kitchen Friend, Satya or own “Kitchen Workshop”

Make a list of what you wish to do so that you can clearly articulate to Satya what you want at the time of making your appointment.
Not everyone is clear what they need…
Sometimes it is wise to begin with some consultancy to determine what you really need and what we are preparing. This costs $125 per hour, is billed per 15 minutes and can clarify your needs to the benefit of all.
Payment may be made by Paypal.

You may contact me by  emailing on the form below.

Your personalised Kitchen Workshop is tailored according to what foods your body tolerates, tolerates well and what has to be avoided as Satya solutions your needs.
He recommends that you invite a friend to join you in your ‘Kitchen Workshop’ as later on you are able to draw on each others recall and experiences as you both progress in skill and comfort in your own kitchens.


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