Natural Probiotic Pickles

We are all aware of the importance of healthy gut flora and the importance of regular intake of living probiotics.  Today we are making Probiotic Naturally Fermented Pickles from cabbage. We use a variety of vegetables and fruits depending what is in season. This year I have used red radish, white radish, 7/8 ripe mangos, overripe red papaws and cabbage. Here is a pictorial of the basics. In a “Kitchen Workshop with your Kitchen Friend, Satya you will learn the finer points of successful probiotic pickle making.

How fine should the cabbage be chopped and why?

How much salt and why?

When to add the starter culture and why? … and give it a good mixing.

Why would water be added? Which water to choose.

Teamwork – filling the jar and maintaining excellent hygiene.

How much water was that?

Finished product 24hrs later with bubbles of fermentation.

Still fermenting red papaw and mango probiotic pickles.

I can come to your kitchen to teach you and a friend probiotic pickle making or any of the other kitchen skills on this site and if you are not local I can come to you in your kitchen by skype!

( skype   satya.bodywhisperer) or 0425411545


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