Making my own Soy Kefir

Easy-to-make-soy Kefir (yoghurt)

I began making soy kefir because of intolerance to cow’s milk.

First I experimented to determine which of the soy milks fitted the following criteria,

(1)    organically grown beans

(2)    made from whole beans – not isolate

(3)    I needed to like the taste of the kefir

(4)    It needed to make a good kefir with a strong (not watery ) curd.

(5)    Must be suitable for ongoing making of kefir (some soymilks kill the culture after one or two uses)

I chose kefir as my yoghurt because I make it casually on the window ledge in my kitchen at room temperature all year round or ‘under the deck’ in my truck when I am travelling.

observe the photo below and then I will explain.

In summer:

Each day I take a teaspoon out of the set kefir and put it into the bottom of a clean jar.

I fill the jar with soymilk  and put it on my kitchen ledge.

I consume the remainder of the set kefir and wash the jar for the next day.

In winter:

I keep two jars of kefir going because it takes longer to set in the cool weather.

That’s my system!!!! Simple isn’t it?

Further Sharings:

The kefir can be drained and turned to ‘cheese’ just like any soft cheese. (more below)


I have made this soy kefir and kept it unrefrigerated in my truck in summer for three days, and eaten it still fresh. It might have been hot but it was tasty and still fresh!

Kefir Starter Culture


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