Making my own Rejuvelac

Rejuvelac – probiotic nourishment.

I first learned about rejuvelac in about 1978 in Survival In The 21st Century: A Planetary Healer’s Handbook by Viktoras Kulvinskas. I made it according to original directions and drank it. Next day the result was diahorrea with a particular smell. I repeated this experiment many times, even drinking it for ten days once, thinking maybe? it was just a clensing. I tried different grains to determine if I had different results. I didn’t. My body just did not like rejuvelac made from wheat using the naturally occurring biota to ferment.

Along the way I gained a positive relationship with kefir using raw milk.
Thinking laterally I tried innoculating with kefir whey from raw milk in the same way as I did with to culture naturally fermented radish pickles.
There were NO intestinal upsets a very positive outcome.
From there I experimented with various grains and fermenting sprouts at varying stages of growth.

Over the years I have refined my process to the pictorial below happily producing a nourishing rejuvelac that my body likes, that I can use as a probiotic to outcompete candida.
It has the benefits of  being probiotic and having lots of enzymes. If I have a really challenging, long days work ahead of me;  drinking one liter over the day sees me cruising through the day and still feeling energetic at the end.

I like it so much that I joyfully share it with you.

Soaking the grain overnight ready to rinse and drain next morning.

Draining: I drain like this then rotate the bottle 180 degrees to bring more air between the germinating grains.
(Important if you are in a humid summer).
Twice a day I refill with water, soak for five minutes and drain as above.

The sprouting grain almost ready for culturing.

The sprouts are grown ready…
To make:
Add culture which can be half a cup of a previous batch of rejuvelac or some kefir whey and top up with chlorine-free water to make your own rejuvelac.

As the grain ferments it rises to the top as above.

This rejuvelac above is about eight days old and still very alive.
This ferment can be drained off to drink and replaced with new chlorine-free water daily in summer, or about every 2-3 days in winter. I drink half to one cup once to twice a day ( The 700ml bottle used above produces plenty for me.)

May you enjoy the health-giving benefits of rejuvelac.

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