Storing your cultures successfully.

When we are not using our probiotic cultures daily we need to keep them safe. Years ago I had a supurb sweetdough culture I collected wild from wheat. Everyone who ate my bread remarked how delicious it was. There was a period of a couple of months where I did not use it and the weeds took over and I lost it. It was years until I found another similar.

I reccomend keeping your cultures in the fridge.

Below I will give some examples of keeping them alive.

This is my current “Mother Culture” for probiotic fermented pickles. It has withstood -4 degrees to 48 degrees under the deck of my truck in the jar.  BUT once opened I keep it in the fridge (just to be for sure). It has been to kitchen workshops as a mother starter and out of the fridge a few days at a time and is fine. What can happen is if it is insufficiently cultured in the heat weeds can take over and send it bad.

Rice Sweetdough Culture out of storage

This rice sweetdough culture was fermented out and stored in the fridge a couple of months.

I added three teaspoonfulls of rice flour, shook the bottle and left it on the table to reactivate. Its 34 degrees today and this is four hours later when I checked it on passing. It should be used to make bread in the next few hours while it is very active.

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