Yeast-free Essene-Style Sprouted Bread.

Essene Bread is traditional “flatbread” made from sprouted grains and ‘cooked’ naturally by the sun.
The Essenes a desert people had a resource of flat rocks that took up the desert sun’s heat and slowly, low temperature baked the flatbread.
To immitate their methodology this is what I did.

I sprouted my grain the same way as for rejuvelac but using the sprouts when the shoot just begins to show. (I use wheat grain, you can use whichever grain you like.)

- Next sprouted grain was minced through a mincer to become a slurry.
- The slurry was made into flat biscuits and ’slapped’ onto oiled hot rocks in the sun, in my case poolside to receive the extra heat and reflection as would happen in the desert.
- When I felt they were ready I turned them over to do the other side.
Then I had a flatbread/biscuit – my own Essene style bread.
This bread is made daily and eaten fresh for lunch.
It is not normally kept, however if you wish to keep it and are yeast-sensitive freeze it.
May you enjoy.
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