Yoghurt making when travelling on holidays

by Satya MedicineBaba

Living on the travel leads one to discover new ways … I like to consume a regular dose of quality internal flora – usually through milk or soy yoghurt, kefir or naturally fermented probiotic pickles depending up availability of quality raw milk or as packet soy milk from our dry stores, space to store and where I am. I have been using the same culture for soy, cow milk and pickles.

This story began in New Zealand earlier this year when I did a trial using a commercial organic yoghurt I bought at a shop whilst staying in a remote part of west coast of the south island. I wanted to see if it would set at room temperature and how long it would take if it did. It did and I used it again and again to culture future batches.

Using this information I have applied it to daily life here in Australia.

This is how it works in my van as we travel.

Starting with a bottle of made soy yoghurt.

Tip the whey off the top into a clean jar.

Pour in the soymilk.

Leave it to set sitting in a drawer for a day or so till it sets (depending upon temperature).

(It still sets despite bouncing along the road.)

Then I put into the fridge if I’m not using for a few days or eat immediately – sweet and tasty. If I store it, it eventually becomes more and more sour.  later  If I put it into the fridge then leave it out to warm up before eating it tends to become more sour and often a second stage – fermentation occurs which makes it very sour. All good! If I have too much I make the equivalent of farmer cheese. Leave it to drain in a sieve overnight – use the whey for next batch and the curd as a spread or as a additive to a meal.

When I get access to raw milk I treat it the same way and turn it into soft cheese and whey. I don’t eat or drink cooked milk.

May the above inspire you to make your own or if you feel you need some more information or support book a “Help, Support and Good Ideas Phone Session with Your Kitchen Friend, Satya”. ph 0425411545


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